Thursday, January 12, 2012

Court of Public Opinion Pt 5 of 9

     The divorce was now final and over the next 6 months and my ex still refused to work. My ex’s only source of income was the child support that I paid her and the money that she manipulated from her own mother. My ex’s water kept getting shut off in her apartment and her phone and electricity were disconnected more than once as well. My ex simply could not take care of herself and the kids. I was lonely and had co-dependent issues at the time and I didn’t want to be alone. As a result, my ex and I began to date and we attempted to reconcile. She moved from Stuart to Jupiter and moved in with me. She also got a job at Bank Atlantic in Abacoa. We seemed to get along. On the weekends my ex would go to work functions and fund raisers for her job and so I had the kids all to myself. I was thrilled. 
     Six months into it though, she got fired from her job. My family was in Orlando for a family reunion and she wanted to attend but was scheduled to work. She put a request in to get off so she could attend and it was denied. She spoke with her boss and it was still denied. The kids and I went to Orlando and the next day I got a call from my ex saying she was coming up. She had her mom, who was a nurse, have a Dr. at the hospital write her a note saying she had step throat and she went through the drive through at the bank and dropped off her Dr.’s note. She didn’t go in and give it to the manager on duty or her boss. She simply drove up, put the Dr’s note in the tube and then left. She showed up and told me what she did and the lying and manipulation not only pissed me off but my entire family. One of the last nights we were in Orlando, we went to Citywalk at Universal Studies. We fought the entire night. Ironically enough one of the couples that always banked at the branch my ex worked at saw us fighting and mentioned it to the bank manager. When my ex returned to work two days later, they fired her. They knew she wasn’t sick and had lied. I was over it. It was the same crap, just a different day. She was never going to change.
     I finally kicked her out and filed for a Modification of Custody and that started the war. My ex retaliated on September 19th 2003, and filed an Injunction of Protection claiming I beat her and the kids and she was in fear for their lives ( -). I didn’t know how to fight these false allegations in court, so I hired an attorney. My attorney and I went to court on October 14, 2003, and my ex didn’t even bother to show up and we found that she voluntarily dismissed the claim. It was CRAP and she knew it, but I still got stuck holding the bill with my attorney. On October 14th 2003, I found out the reason why she moved in with me in Jupiter. She got the job at the bank and began dating one of the guys there. They were not going to fund raisers for the bank on the weekends. They were going off and having sex weekends together. I had no idea!! Again, just more manipulation, lies and deception. 
     We continued in court with our attorneys and I filed numerous contempts of court citing numerous violations of the laws. The magistrate REFUSED to grant any of the contempts and refused to hold my ex wife accountable for anything she did. My ex wife would put on the sad face, cry and gave excuse after excuse and the magistrate actually bought it every time. It was EXTREMELY frustrating!!
     The magistrate ordered us to mediation. We spent four hours in mediation and came up with a partial/temporary agreement. I didn’t get the kids, but I had the child support reduced, we changed the time sharing and dealt with some of other issues. This actually laid the ground work for the surrender and modification of custody later that year. (

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