Sunday, December 25, 2011

Court of Public Opinion Pt 3 of 9

So I found my ex poking holes in condoms and later that week we found out that she was pregnant again. I was thrilled to find out that I was having my son, but no more kids. I had one of each and they only make 2 kinds. I stayed with her, but decided that since I left birth control up to her twice and twice she got pregnant, there was only one thing to do. At 23 years old, I got a vasectomy and made sure she never pulled this again. 
     I previously told you about the first time that my ex moved out and told you that the first time she left was the most traumatic, but the 4th time was the potentially the most dangerous. My ex wanted to go see her dad in Georgia, so I sent her and the kids on vacation for a long weekend. When she returned home, something was wrong, but I didn’t know what it was. All week long she said she had to go back and see her dad. She just had to go back. “I want to go back next weekend” she kept saying. I was tired of the constant nagging, yelling, wining and arguing so I gave in and said go. My ex was supposed to stay with a friend and when I called to talk to the kids, her friend said she wasn’t there and had no idea that my ex was even back in town. I then became extremely worried as she had both the kids with her. I called her cell phone over and over and finally she answered. I heard the kids in the background and heard a man’s voice. I asked where she was and she said that she had met up with a guy friend from high school and she was at his house. After we got off the phone I called her sister and asked her if she had known this guy. She didn’t and she even called her mom who had never heard of this guy either. I called my ex back and this guy answered the phone and started telling me what a horrible father I was and an awful husband. He told me how cute my kids were and how I should be a better dad to them. Are you kidding me? Now I was pissed. Long story short, what happened was this. The week prior when my ex went to Georgia to see her dad, she went out and met a guy at a bar. They hooked up and she promised him she’d be back the next weekend. If that’s not bad enough, what crossed all boundaries was that she then had the kids with her in his trailer in the backwoods of Savannah. Who knew if this guy was a child molester, criminal, or what, but when I found out where she was, I left Florida with my gun, a video camera and the kid’s passports. I drove all night to Georgia and without altercation I got the kids and brought them back to Florida. She eventually came home about 5 days later. We lasted about another year and it was finally over. Enough was enough!!
     In almost 7 years she packed up and moved out a total of 7 times and I didn’t find out until after the divorce that she had multiple affairs. After the divorce I also found out more disturbing information. During the marriage we spent 4 years in marriage counseling and she was involved with two recovery groups for women who had been abused and raped. Remember I told you previously about her uncle that had molested her and her sister for years? I found out a few years after the divorce from her own sister that the rape and molestation NEVER happened. They never lived with her grandma and the uncle never molested either of them. His wife was never her best friend. My ex made the whole thing up. 

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