Sunday, February 5, 2012

Court of Public Opinion Pt 8 of 9

  On November 16, 2011 and December 16, 2011 we went to court. (Click here to download the audio recordings from court in Nov. (Click here to download the audio recordings from court in Dec.
     My ex wife appeared by phone and her mother showed up in person. Her mother lied on the stand and yet she couldn’t be charged with perjury. My ex wife lied and she couldn't be held for perjury either. It was shown that yes, my ex wife changed the kids insurance without my consent, but the judge REFUSED to hold her in contempt. The judge found that yes, my ex wife has not paid child support in almost 6 months, but REFUSED to grant a purge amount. The judge found that yes, my ex needs to pay support and yes the husband is supporting her, but REFUSED to grant an income deduction order from the husband’s pay. The judge found that yes, a previous judge did order my ex to get a job and pay support but REFUSED to enforce that previous order. The judged found that yes, my ex may have had something to do with the whole false claims to DCF, but told her to knock it off and REFUSED to enforce Chapter 61 where it clearly states time sharing can be limited or restricted due to this behavior. (
     The judge REFUSED to hear about all the other false reports my ex wife made through the years that were mentioned previously. After filing over 200 pages of evidence, conducting depositions, serving numerous documents and 2 days in court, essentially the judge REFUSED to enforce existing laws and REFUSED to hold my ex wife accountable for any of the HELL that she released here on earth as she viscously and unjustly attacked our family and tried to tear us apart. She manipulated innocent children and time will tell how much she psychologically damaged them for her own selfish and wicked desires. 
    Due to everything that took place in court over the holidays, my ex furthermore REFUSED to give the kids their Christmas gifts unless I allowed her mother to see the kids over the holiday break. Once again, my ex and her mother were trying to manipulate the situation and control the kids and myself. I refused and even the kids told their mother to just send the gifts in the mail like other families, but she refused. My ex stated that ONLY if I allowed her mom to see the kids would they get their gifts. What is wrong with her???? My ex finally told the kids that when she comes to visit in February or in March, that she will bring the gifts. The kids finally told her not to worry about it. They said they don't need her gifts. It was really pathetic and sad. 
  In January 2012, we received the judge's order from court in November and December ( and also a notice that the judge set us for a 2 hour hearing in February to hear my motion to modify time sharing. I prepared subpoenas for the Jupiter police that came over in September and also for the kid’s therapist who will testify to the judge about what the kids said actually happened with their mother. I also motioned the court to send us to mediation to attempt to settle as much as possible prior to our hearing. We’ll wait to see what happens. I’m now ready to unleash a little bit of my own hell and my attorney and I are ready to battle.

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