Friday, January 15, 2010

How it all began.

Wow, So where do I start? I guess the beginning is a good place.

I was 19 years old. I was living in Florida and met a girl. She was almost 3 years older than I was. It’s amazing how hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20 isn’t it? Now looking back at 19, and at the time I would have denied it, I was young, insecure, needy, co-dependent and looking for love. The question is though, what did I know of love at 19? I guess love was whatever of whom ever could fill the void in my life and at 19 I was not too picky. Almost anyone would do as long as they looked good. I know what you’re thinking....shallow and you are probably right, but it’s the truth. I didn’t care if she was educated, had a job, or had ambitions. It was sex on a regular basis and that’s what mattered to a horny 19 year old boy.

Fast forward 9 years to the year 2002. I was 28 years old with an ex-wife and 2 kids. It was a fast and easy divorce. The divorce took only 33 days but those 9 years were the hardest, most difficult and painful years of my life. After the quick and easy divorce we tried to give it a go again and see if maybe we made a mistake, but quickly found that the only mistake made was trying to get back together again. I decided I wanted to have the children live with me and my ex wanted the children with her. As they say, “Today’s amicable divorce can be tomorrow’s blood bath” and it was. We spent the next few years in and out of court almost 35 times to be exact. We both used attorneys and we both ran out of money. We both then went pro se and tried our hand at handling our own lives in a courtroom. Many mistakes were made and many lessons were learned. In 2004 we were ordered to mediation and this is where the story now truly begins.

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In the words of Lawton Chiles, “I didn’t come to stay, I came to make a difference.”

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